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Two forthcoming Cupping Therapy Workshops for health professionals by The British Cupping Society on 11-12 April, 2015

The following is an announcement by Dr Amir Sheikh  of the British Cupping Society:

We are pleased to announce the following forthcoming workshops:

1)     Beginner’s Workshop the ‘Cupping Therapy: An Introduction’ on Saturday 11th April 2015
2)     Advanced Workshop the ‘Cupping Therapy: Theory to Practice’ on Sunday 12th April 2015.

These workshops will be held at ‘Ilford Medical Centre, 61 Cleveland Road, Ilford, Essex IG1 1EE’.

Who Are the Workshop aimed at?

Both the Beginner’s and Advanced workshops are designed for health professionals with an interest in Cupping who are aiming to become registered practitioners with the British Cupping Society. The Advanced workshop is designed for candidates who have attended the Beginner’s Workshop previously.

Health professionals can encompass the following:
1.      Medical Doctors
2.      Surgeons
3.      Dentists
4.      Nurses with a background in Health Sciences
5.      Physiotherapists
6.      Pharmacists
7.      Physician’s Assistants


We are the first organization in the UK to offer workshops for medical cupping therapy. Our workshops are continually updated in line with current practice, latest guidelines and research. We believe our practitioners should be at the forefront of Cupping Therapy in the UK.

The British Cupping Society has gained recognition both nationally and internationally as an organization representing the practice of Cupping in the United Kingdom. Our aim is to preserve, protect, improve and promote the safe practice of Cupping for the benefit of society as a whole. The BCS provides leadership in the skills of Cupping by promoting an Evidence Based Approach to Cupping Therapy whilst upholding key traditional elements of the practice. In order to further these aims, we intend to implement our policies and plans to ensure the professional growth and success of Cupping.

The BCS is an autonomous body founded and managed by a team of qualified medical and health professionals who want to standardize and regulate the practice of cupping in the UK and worldwide to preserved this noble profession.

We welcome any participants who share our goals onto our team.

Why are only health professional accepted FOR workshops?

We accept that there is great enthusiasm amongst practitioners and the public to practice this therapy. However we must maintain professional standards in order to ensure patient safety and to ensure that British Cupping Society Practitioners deliver the best care. Our courses are based on the application of Medical Cupping Therapy and therefore our practitioners need to have a background in the health sciences and be skilled in diagnosis and patient communication.

We will therefore consider individual enquiries on merit, please email for any specific queries.

Who will deliver the Workshop?

Fully qualified medical doctors and academics with an interest in Cupping and Alternative therapies will deliver the workshop. The BCS has a wealth of experience in all aspects of cupping including Research, Clinical Practice and Training. We hope to share our unique experiences with you. Having established in the UK as Cupping Therapy specialists, our practitioners have earned international recognition. You will have a chance to observe, ask questions and then practice yourselves under their supervision.

What if I’m not a health professional but want to practice cupping?

In 2014 we are will be arranging a programme for non-health professionals allowing them to practice as cupping therapy assistants. Further details will be available in the near future.

The Outline of the Beginners Workshop is as follows:

1.      Review of Anatomy and Physiology Related to Cupping (Pre-reading material)
2.      Introduction to Cupping Therapy
3.      History of Cupping therapy
4.      Traditional Approaches and Timings
5.      Current Theories and Mechanisms of Action of Cupping Therapy
6.      Current Scientific Evidence Related to Efficacy of Cupping Therapy
7.      Clinical Indications and Contraindications of Cupping Therapy
8.      Infection Control Guidelines Related to Wet Cupping
9.      Demonstration of Wet, Dry and Massage Cupping
10.  Practical Session on Wet, Dry and Massage cupping
11.  Health clearance for Practicing Cupping
12.  The Cupping Clerking Proforma & Record Keeping
13.  Clinical Room Requirements and Consent
14.  Indemnity to Practice

The Outline of the Advanced Workshop is as follows:

1.      Review of Beginner’s Workshop
2.      Review of Current Methods of Cupping Therapy Application including: Meridian Points and Traditional Points
3.      Importance of using a Standardized Approach
4.      Using an Evidenced Based Approach to Cupping
5.      Introducing the BCS algorithm for Selecting Cupping Points
6.      Introducing the BCS Systems Based Approach to Cupping
7.      Devising Management Plans for the Cupping Patient
8.      Current Best Evidence in Cupping
9.      Evidenced Based Points for Common Cupping Conditions
10.  Incorporating Research in Practice
11.  Problem Based Learning and Group Discussion of Clinical Cases
12.  Examination of the Practical Application of the Cupping Procedure
13.  Examination of Obtaining Valid Consent in Cupping
14.  Oral viva on Safe Approach in Managing a Cupping Patient
15.  Towards becoming a Registered BCS Practitioner

How will I learn?

The workshop is based on small group teaching to help you get the most out of the course. We believe in maximizing the interaction between the candidates and the tutor, there is ample opportunity for question and answers. We hope this will help you to personalize your experience. Methods of teaching include the following:

1.      Lectures
2.      Group discussion
3.      Case based Discussion
4.      Practical Session
5.      Examination

We have a limit on 10-12 participants per workshop to ensure that you achieve maximum benefit from the experience.

Do I need any previous experience in cupping?

Yes, you will need to have attended our Beginner’s Workshop to qualify for attending this workshop.

How do I apply?

Please complete the Application form below and then scan or email a copy to the following  address:

Once you have registered and payment has been received, you will receive a pre-course material via email 2 weeks prior to the course. You will see the course has been split over a period of five days, the first four of which are self directed. The final day of the workshops will conclude with practical applications and assessments in Cupping Therapy.


Yes providing you meet the entry requirements.

HOw Much will the workshop cost?

The cost is £300 per candidate per workshop. There is a concession rate of £275 per workshop for applications received before the 10th of March, 2015 

What do I achieve after workshops?

Upon successful completion of the ‘Beginner’s Introductory Workshop’, participants will be invited to attend the ‘Advanced Cupping Therapy Workshop’.

Upon successful completion of the Advanced Workshop candidates will receive a certificate of competence providing you pass the exam at the end of the workshop. We can then enter you onto the pathway of becoming a registered BCS practitioner which requires a period of clinical work, case write-up and clinical supervision.

Additional benefits of attending the workshop 
  • Prestigious: Course prepared for Health Professionals by Medical Professionals 
  • Exclusive: Direct interaction with leading specialists with research based knowledge 
  • Practical: “Hands-on” experience 
  • Provision: All necessary materials, documents & cupping sets 
  • Refreshments & Lunch are provided 
  • Recognition: The BCS is involved nationally and internationally in the regulation and promotion of cupping therapy. Workshop completion opens up a pathway to becoming a BCS registered practitioner allowing inclusion onto our professional body and practitioners register.

  • Please complete the application form located at this link:
  • Please attach a copy of your Beginner’s Workshop Certificate if you have previously attended a workshop and want to apply for the Advanced workshop.
  • Payment is via BACS transfer details are on the registration form.
  • Please state your name and date of workshop as reference.
  • Please note the deadline for application is Monday 30th March, 2015


British Cupping Society


email: ​


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Monday, 23 February 2015

An update to Hijama/Cupping Therapy Courses by Nabawi Academy of Hijama Therapy (N.A.H.T)

The following is an announcement by Nabawi Academy of Hijama Therapy (N.A.H.T)

Hijama/Cupping Therapy Courses by Nabawi Academy of Hijama Therapy (N.A.H.T).
Nabawi Academy of Hijama Therapy (N.A.H.T) Reg’d- 7787984.

  1. Do you want to learn about Sunnah, Islamic medicine and natural healing, history, holistic therapies to provide this Sunnah based treatment to help others?  ?
  2. Do you want a new, change of or alternative career in something rewarding, exciting, progressive and Islamic?
  3. Do you want to help others and educate them about natural healing, while earning reward?
  4. Are you interested in becoming a fully qualified and accredited Hijama therapist from home? 
  5. Do you wish to supplement your income or make it a full time profession? 
  6. Do you want to teach your generations to come about Hijama?
  7. Do you want to help your loved ones, if and when they fall sick?
  8. Do you want to create Sadaqa -e-Jariyyah.
We need you to respond NOW!!!
  1. Enroll
  2. Study
  3. Get Certified
  4. Earn £££ All for your-self-(Halaal & sunnah Way)

1)      N.A.H.T is a World leading; renowned & registered Hijama therapy Organization that is currently offering a 3-tier structured Hijama courses that have been C.M.A-Approved i.e certified Hijama Therapy Courses via a Distance Learning Program throughout the World. 
2)      There 3-tiers of the Hijama therapy courses are being offered to the suitable clients that meet the entry criteria as on our website.

3)      The courses are taught in gradation & inclining degree of difficulty so after understanding the basics of hijama students can advance to the higher tiers of study based on their ability & capability.

4)      The Course material has been compiled by some of the world’s greatest experts/ authorities & Pioneers in Hijama Therapy. The courses will thoroughly prepare every student to the best in practical & theory in Hijama therapy & Cupping; to go out confidently in to the real world & offer this wonderful prophetic therapy to the suffering mankind.

ü  The Courses Incorporate both theory & practical teaching material; for the theory element a variety of key learning objectives & units are taught.
ü  The theory element is completed at the comfort of the student’s home; the Practical element takes place at a selected training centre followed by a Final exam.

 Hijama/Cupping Therapy Courses by Nabawi Academy of Hijama Therapy (N.A.H.T) are offering the following outstanding courses!!!

 The 3-course tiers are as under-stated.
(A)   Hijama Therapist assistant course:-For any person to study as an all rounder i.e to facilitate & assist Hijama therapists in their work in a professional way-(1st tier)- (6-Weeks Home study). 
(B)   Prophetic Hijama/Cupping Therapy Courses level 1 & 2-(The further 2-tiers); For those who want to learn pure Prophetic Hijama therapy.

  1. Prophetic Hijama Therapy Diploma Level-1- (8-Weeks Home study).
  1. Prophetic Hijama Therapy Diploma Level-2- (15-Weeks Home study).
Tier -1-(A)
 Hijama Therapist assistant course.
Hijama Therapist assistant course:-This Course is quite an Intensive course that will outline the techniques that are required to help facilitate the hijama therapist in every avenue so that they can run an easy but successful practice. This course is C.M.A approved & certified. The course covers the key concepts of hijama theory & its history but a greater focus is made on communication skills such as listening; telephone skills, Complaints handling, Understanding human behavior-(Verbal & Non-verbal), how to deal so as to minimize/ avoid Litigation. Great emphasis will be on the hijama therapist assistant being aware of the complete A-Z of health & safety of the work place.
Course fee=£350.
(Upon qualifying you will receive a large A-4 Yellow Certificate-With a NAHT Seal & Signatures of 3-Authorities).

Tiers 2 & 3-(B)
Prophetic Hijama Therapy Courses-Levels 1 & 2.
 1) Prophetic Hijama therapy Level -1-
This course will cover basic Anatomy & Physiology, hijama definition, techniques, types & the benefits as well as the contraindications. The student graduating will be able to carry out wet & dry cupping but to a restricted level.
The Course will cover in detail over 30-Key Learning areas. A detailed manual of over 20-wet Cupping/Hijama points & 3-Diseases on which; Dry cupping can be used; alongside a beautifully presented Anatomical chart of Hijama points will be provided.
(An excellent Course, that is unique in detail)-Course fee=£385.
(Upon qualifying you will receive a large A-4  Purple colored Certificate-With a NAHT Seal & Signatures of 3-Authorities).

2) Prophetic Hijama therapy Level -2-
This Course Will cover more detailed anatomy & physiology, hijama definition, techniques, types & the benefits as well as the contraindications. The student graduating will be able to carry out wet, Dry & Massage cupping including the areas of the head will be permissible to cup.
The Course will cover in detail over 45-Key Learning areas. A detailed manual of over 32-Cupping/Hijama points & 5-Diseases on which; Dry cupping can be used; alongside a beautifully presented Anatomical chart of Hijama points will be provided.
(An excellent Course, that is unique in detail)-Course fee=£585.
(Upon qualifying you will receive a large A-4 Crimson colored Certificate-With a NAHT Seal & Signatures of 3-Authorities).

  The Courses will begin on 25-2-15.
 So enroll Now !!!
 v  Earn a Qualification for life & a reward in helping the needy i.e. the best of both Worlds!
v  The reward is twofold; in this world & the hereafter in Implementing-(Practicing) this blessed Sunnah as well as science & art.
v  ALL graduates will be issued a Beautiful certificate with a seal allowing them to get insured & practice under the individual LAW of the Country they reside.

  • Nabawi academy is affiliated to charity organizations; where a lot of the money is donated to the suffering humans in poverty struck areas of the world i.e. helping "The Muslims in Need".
  • All Course Material will be Posted to you OR by arrangement; collected from our registered office; once registration following application is complete & payment has been made in full.
  • Due to a heavy demand for these courses, Please e-mail for further Information as the phones get overly busy for NOW Just register & reserve a Place for your course.
    You Will Be Glad that we helped selecting a most pleasing & rewarding career pathway as it will be a career to change your life in a 'Blessed Way'(Inshallah) for following & reviving the SUNNAH of our prophet MUHAMMAD (p.b.u.h)!!!

ü  For further Information;-
ü  Contact on:- 0794-338-1845-(M)

Nabawi Academy of Hijama Therapy (N.A.H.T)

Telephone: 0794-338-1845
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ICAHT India Ambassadors wanted

The following is an announcement by Dr Rizwhan Suleman MChiro of the Institute of Clinically Applied Hijama Therapy, an organisation providing Hijama Training in UK 

ICAHT India Ambassadors wanted

The UK based ICAHT (Institute of Clinically Applied Hijama Therapy) is pleased to announce the
opening of its first ICAHT India Center of Integrative Medicine in the prestigious area of H.S.R Layout in Bangalore, Karnataka.

It is currently looking to recruit a dedicated team of ICAHT professionals to live and work in Bangalore and act as Ambassadors of the UK Institute; adhering to its high UK based standards for appropriate International representation.

The selected individuals will be highly skilled and articulate with the ability to speak publicly, educate the wider community, write academically, treat and educate a large patient base. In addition the right candidates should demonstrate the ability to take part in international conferences, TV interviews, talk shows and educational videos.

The ideal candidates will have a medical qualification or have a minimum of 2 years work experience in the field of Physiotherapy, Osteopathy or Chiropractic. Educational researchers with clinical experience will be considered for the posts as well as practitioners with a wealth of experience and knowledge. All practitioners will be expected to adhere to the Internationally standardized protocols of the institute.

Positions currently available include:

·         Female lead Clinicians (2 positions available) 
·         Male Lead Clinicians (2 positions available)
·         Male Hijama practitioners (4 positions available)
·         Female Hijama practitioners (4 positions available)
·         Male Massage therapist
·         Female Massage therapist

Management and continuous development
·         Clinical Director
·         Duty Manager
·         Anatomy & Physiology lecturer

Attractive salaries on offer (commensurate with experience).

Lead clinicians
Lead clinicians will have a major role in the administration of Hijama therapy to a wide patient base and will eventually be responsible for the clinical mentoring of doctors on the ICAHT Clinical training internships. Their responsibilities will involve assisting the ICAHT UK team of Doctors and researchers in the delivery of high quality academic and postgraduate education as well as representing the profession on both a local, national and international level. Clinical training and mentorship will be provided for the role by the ICAHT UK team for the first year after which a career progression strategy will be implemented.

Hijama Practitioners
Hijama practitioners will be working under the guidance of the lead clinicians. Duties will involve all patient care related duties including; administering hijama therapy, lab duties and handling blood samples and clinical maintenance duties. A kind and caring nature is essential, fluency in multiple languages is advantageous and although all training will be provided, experience in manual therapy, massage and palpation techniques would be preferred. 

Massage Therapists
Massage therapists would be expected to provide a high standard of both relaxation, remedial and deep tissue massage techniques as well as be responsible for Turkish bath/hamam style facility for which training will be provided. Continuous professional education will be provided in soft tissue manipulation techniques by UK trained osteopathic and chiropractic doctors.

Duty Manager
The duty manager will be responsible for administrative roles, patient record keeping, diary management, taking phone calls, dealing with public enquiries, ensuring the smooth running of both clinical and teaching services, co-managing accounts and facilitating research initiatives.

Managing Director
The Managing Director will be responsible for maintaining protocol standards, local and national networking, public education, marketing, event management, finance, and feeding back to the company directors and CEOs.

The Anatomy and physiology lecturer will be responsible for further education of both staff and students on a part time basis and will ideally have a wealth of teaching experience particular in the field of musculoskeletal anatomy.   

Please submit all applications prior to the 10th of March 2015 to:

Please note that the interviewing process will begin immediately so earlier applications will be at an advantage. The available posts may be filled prior to the 10th March 2015 if suitable candidates are found.

For More information on the organization please visit


ICAHT (Institute of Clinically Applied Hijama Therapy)

83 Rolleston Street
England LE5 3SD
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)7533 446 373


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