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Cupping – The Cure for my Striking Pains and Paralysing Headaches by Nabeela Vadi

The following is an article about Cupping for pains and headaches which was originally published at the following link, and is reproduced here with the kind permission of the site:


Cupping – The Cure

Nabeela Vadi | 14 May 2014/14 Rajab 1435

As was the problem for many years, I would get the same striking pains or paralysing headaches that consumed me or left me on the floor aching and waiting for the on-hand capsules to kick-in.  My interest in going for the sunnah cupping began as the pains progressed.

Needless to say, I was fearful of the thought and there I was walking into the room where two Muslim females conducted an assessment of my health and bodily pains. I was then asked to expose the areas of pain. Lesions were made into my skin and the cups were placed.  For the next few days the areas on which the cupping were done, experienced slight pain and as the days passed I felt better, lighter and less tired. I experienced little to no pain at all. The lesions too had recovered and by Allah the cupping therapy had lived upto its healing promise.

Sunnah cupping known as Al-Hijamah which translates to cupping therapy is the process of applying cups to various points on the body and removing the air inside to form a vacuum. Before the cups are applied, slight incisions on the skin are made so that when the cups are applied, the vacuumed conditions allow for ‘dirty’ blood to rise to the surface and fill the cup, depending on how much toxic blood is in your system.

Jaabir ibn Abdullah (R.A) reported that the Messenger (S.A.W) said, “Indeed in hijamah (cupping) there is a cure.” [Saheeh Muslim (5706)]

Cupping therapy removes acidic toxic wastes from the blood that accumulate as we get older. These wastes include toxins from the environment, the food we eat on a daily basis and even the toxins from mental trauma such as stress, anger and depression. The withdrawal of this toxic blood through the cupping allows for better blood circulation as well as removal of the toxins that run in our blood that carry diseases.

It is also narrated by Abu Hurairah (R.A) that the Messenger (S.A.W) said, “Whoever performs hijamah (cupping) on the 17th, 19th or 21st day (of the Islamic lunar month) then it is a cure for every disease.” [Saheeh Sunan abu Dawud (3861)].

However, when doing cupping, the same as any medical procedure one must ensure the centre for cupping is legitimate and that new blades and cleans cups are used on you as a patient. Take note of the therapist doing the cupping and ensure that he/she is wearing latex gloves and the cupping is done in clean and hygienic conditions.

My experience on doing cupping was less painful than I expected but more effective than I’d assumed. The pain and headaches are now a thing of the past and my experience has brought me to
encourage young and old to do Al-Hijamah at least once in a person’s life.


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Enrolling now for the June 2015 ICAHT Diploma intake - by ICAHT

The following is an announcement by Dr Rizwhan Suleman MChiro of the Institute of Clinically Applied Hijama Therapy, an organisation providing Hijama Training in UK


ICAHT (institute of clinically applied hijama Therapy) would like to announce the enrollment of its next diploma course in hijama therapy.

Why Study with ICAHT

• Comprehensive Face to Face Academic Study of Hijama Therapy based on Scientific Research and Clinical Experience
• The only Live Clinical Hijama Training Centre with 50 hrs of learning with real patients
• Meets Educational Standards in line with British government guidelines for the practice of hijama therapy in the UK
• The only hijama course with recognised status by UK’s leading insurance companies enabling professional cover on completion
• The only Hijama course that includes a detailed Clinical Anatomy module with a chance to study Real Human Cadavers!
• Designed & delivered by Doctors and Hijama Specialists
• Flexible teaching schedule (suitable for distance learning/commuting*)
• Fully Insured Training Establishment (student’s case study insurance included in fee)
• Legally regulated certification**
• Inclusive of 6 month ICAHT student membership
(*With selected compulsory attendance dates. **ICAHT is an education category registered trademark, protected under European Law)

Course description:
The hijama diploma involves a careful examination of the hijama procedure, undertaking an in depth study of its physiological mechanisms and interactions with human tissues and applying this understanding to live clinical cases and patient scenarios.  The emphasis of the course is to produce practitioners with a comprehensive understanding of hijama therapy while taking into consideration, religious, cultural, psychological and social implications of its practice. The course is scientifically based, founded on in depth academic research of the topics and shares an abundant wealth of practical & clinical experience that is to be embraced by its participants.

The diploma  starts with an intensive face to face lecture based course followed by implementation of the theoretical study in a clinical lab based setting where 50 hours will be spent with a Qualified Doctor practicing hijama on real patients seeking care. This flexitime arrangement will be coupled with home work assignments, case studies and a final exam that will be sat at the end of the 6 month duration. For non-medical students who have not studied clinical anatomy in the past, the clinical anatomy module will be applicable which will include monthly workshops that will take place where each student will learn in depth the detailed anatomy of the human body. An opportunity will arise at the end of the course to participate in the examination of cadaver specimens of real human bodies.

Lecture Topics Include:

1.  Directions of practice
2. Determinants of public health
3. Influencing Factors of clinical outcomes
4. Integrative healthcare
5. Role of practitioner
6. Historical contexts of practice
7. Philosophy of physiology
8. Proposed physiological mechanisms of action
9. Review of scientific literature and its implications
10. Equipment review
11. Hijama Practical skills study
12. Dry techniques and practical applications
13. Infection control procedures and practice
14. Self protection and inoculation injury management
15. Wet cupping preparations
16. Techniques of applications
17. Signs of Pressure loss
18. Significant anatomy
19. Manual dexterity training
20. Aftercare & wound management
21. Important sites and their significance
22. Common cupping points (covered by body part)
23. Common cupping points (covered by conditions)
24. Health history and Patient screening
25. Important considerations in patient selection
26. Absolute and relative contraindications to care
27. Red flags and referrals
28. Management of acute episodes in clinical care
29. Physical examination & deciding where to treat
30. Treatment plan prescribing
31. Patient communication and Consent
32. Patient compliance
33. Legal requirements and implications of care
34. Litigation and complaints management
35. Importance of note taking and storage
36. Religious implication and spiritual health
37. Self protection and spiritual healing (ruqiya)
38. Religious traditions and rulings
39. Practitioner ethics, code of conduct and duty of care
40. Manual techniques and methods of treatment

What is ICAHT?
ICAHT is an abbreviation for the Institute of Clinically Applied Hijama Therapy which is an organisation based in the UK specialising in teaching hijama therapy at the highest clinical level. The institute was founded by a small  a group of doctors, health professionals, academics and hijama practitioners with the goal of elevating the standard of hijama practice in the uk and furthering its understanding through research and clinical experience.

Who are the teachers:
Appointed Teachers for June 2015 diploma include:

Dr Rizwhan Suleman:
A chiropractic Doctor highly experienced in the field of musculoskeletal medicine and hijama therapy. The Founder and Director of Hijama Centres UK (hijamacentres.co.uk) and an author of multiple articles on hijama therapy, back pain and shoulder disorders.

Br Nurudeen Hassan (BSc M.res):
A highly acclaimed Scientist & researcher practicing in the field of hijama therapy. Specialising in the fields of microbiology & cancer research.  

Dr Karim Idris:
A Medical doctor who has become a full time hijama practitioner specialising in traditional Islamic and Arabic medicine as well as a guest lecturer on the topics of natural health and prophetic medicine.  

Dr Farhan Safdar:  (details awaited)

 When is the course?

Compulsory attendance is required from the 8th - 13th of June 2015 and the additional 50 hours clinical experience will be completed on selected dates over the following 6 months. The assignments and case studies will be completed at home and the course will end on the 10th Dec 2015.

Attendance for the Anatomy module (compulsory for non-medics) will be over 6 months at 1 day a month.

Where is the course?
The course will be held at the ICAHT Centre Of Integrative Medicine in Leicester, ENGLAND

What is the cost?
The total course fee is £1499 which includes all modules, exams, one re-sit exam per module and clinical practice insurance for your in house training at our facility. Please note that the course involves over 140 hours of face-to-face, classroom-based teaching in addition to 50 hours of live clinical training in a full time teaching clinic under the guidance of our teaching staff (on a 1 to1 or 1 to 2 basis) as well as an additional 120 hours of guided home study.

In contrast to the various online teaching programs, one or two day courses and self proclaimed expert workshops which charge between £250 to £900 per day the ICAHT diploma fees have been kept very modest in relation to what is offered and we hope and intend to keep it that way so that people can gain a comprehensive understanding of the subject at an affordable price alhumduliah.
Please email admin@icaht.co.uk for international student rates

How Do I enrol?
Visit: www.icaht.co.uk/enrol-today
or email admissions@icaht.co.uk for further details 


ICAHT (Institute of Clinically Applied Hijama Therapy)

United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)7533 446 373

web: http://www.icaht.co.uk


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Hijama in Karachi, Pakistan by Bilal Hijama Clinic

The following is a guest blog-post by Muhammad Bilal, a male Hijama Practitioner in Karachi, Pakistan.

-Please give us a short introduction about yourself, and in particular how you ended up being a hijama therapist?

Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu !

My name is Muhammad Bilal. I live in Karachi, Pakistan. I graduated from University of Karachi from the faculty of Pharmacy as B.Pharm. Afterwards I completed M.Pharm from the department of Pharmacology, University of Karachi. M.Pharm is a research degree like M.Phil. It has two Years divided in 2 parts viz the departmental course work and one year research work. I wanted to select a topic for research from Tibb ul Nabawi. I chose the topic of Hijama as it was emerging at that time (2008) in Pakistan. Very few people were practicing it and it was a new topic for research. At that time I conducted a scientific study on Hijama in which I collected the blood samples through Hijama of 25 healthy male individuals (for which Dr. Asif assisted me as he was practicing hijama at that time). Under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Rafeeq Alam Khan who was at that time Chairman, department of Pharmacology, I conducted the study and evaluated the hijama blood samples against the venous blood samples. I performed tests for 9 biochemical parameters and CBC. We wanted to know whether there is any difference between the compositions of hijama blood and venous blood or not. There was a statistically highly significant difference in all of the checked parameters. Later I wrote a research paper on the study which was published in the Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences. Later I took admission in PhD program in 2010 and again I selected  Hijama for further research. Meanwhile I started teaching Pharmacology to the students of Pharm D at University of Karachi. But the teaching schedule was very strict and I could not carry on my work on PhD , hence I left teaching for the time being and started the Bilal Hijama Clinic for practically doing hijama and collecting the data in 2013 and since then I have been practicing Hijama and conducting several researches. 

- What particular illnesses/ conditions (if any), do you specialise / had the most experience in?

At Bilal Hijama Clinic I have treated around 3000 patients as yet since 2013 for more than 100 diseases. Mostly patients come for various types of pain, hypertension, diabetes, Skin diseases, respiratory diseases, hepatitis, GIT disorders, renal disorders (chronic renal failure patients),Psychiatric disorders, frozen shoulder, carpel tunnel syndrome, eye diseases and many others.

- And do you find that in your experience, the conditions/illnesses that you have come across respond well to cupping (hijama) therapy? And if so, what are they?

Sciatica sometimes relieved in only one session. mostly pains of all origins respond well to hijama. Very good results in GIT problems, like acidity, gas trouble, constipation, hemorrhoids and IBS. Good results in Bipolar disorder ,depression and schezophrenia. Diabetic control improves a lot in 3 months period. In 5 % patients 6 to 7 sessions were enough to control diabetes without medicine. Hijama is 70-80% beneficial in Sinusitis. Very effective in male infertility, female reproductive problems like dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea and Polycystic ovary syndrome. Hijama is very effective in hepatitis B and C.

- Do you have any interesting case-studies that you can briefly share with us from your hijama treatments?

There are many. I will share one of them. A patient came for lower back pain. Usually I start from Sunnah Points on C7 and T2. I applied wet cupping on these points. He came after a week and he was very happy as he lost 7 Kg of weight without any problems.(like diarrhea etc). His family members also came and they wanted to receive hijama therapy for losing weight. With difficulty I could convince them that It was a blessing from Allah S.W.T and not a planned effect.

Another interesting case study is of some patients who are on dialysis due to chronic renal failure for some years. Before hijama they remained very lethargic, insomnia and anorexia was prominent and expected side effect of dialysis in them. After 2 to 3 sessions of hijama their lethargy was gone, their appetite was improved and their sleep was very much improved. As a result they started working again instead of being totally dependent on others for financial needs.

- Also what would you say about using cupping as a general preventative therapy and how often would you recommend this (once a month? once/twice a year?)

If a person has never gone through hijama in his life , then he should do so once a month for 3 to 6 months, in which all 9 Sunnah points should be covered and the best dates are Islamic 17,19,21 according to hadith. After that he may receive hijama after 3 months and then may maintain once in 6 months cycle.

- As a hijama therapist, how often do you get hijama done yourself, and what for (if any specific condition) and who do you go to to get it done (since it is not an easy therapy to self-administer)?

I have received hijama once a month for 3-4 months consecutively, and now I get it done every 3 months. I usually go for Sunnah points. My wife who is also a student of mine performs hijama on me.

- What is the status and overall prevalence of hijama therapy in Karachi and in Pakistan ? Is it available in hospitals and clinics as a valid alternative / sunnah therapy? 

Hijama is getting popular rapidly in Karachi. People awareness has increased many folds now as compared to 5 years ago. A great number of Doctors are practicing hijama now. Most of them homeopathic doctors. Some allopathic doctors are also practicing it. Still its not available in big hospitals but many clinics and small hospitals are offering hijama services. 

- Whereabouts is your clinic or practice located and what services do you offer?

My Clinic is situated in Gulshan-e-Iqbal behind Urdu University near NIPA in Karachi by the name of Bilal Hijama Clinic. Our website is www.bilalhijamaclinic.com and Facebook page is fb/bilalhijamaclinic.

Currently we are offering dry cupping+ wet cupping technique of Hijama. Consultation is provided for Tibbe Nabavi treatments and diets also.

- Is there anything else you would like to add?

​I would like to thank the team of Ahealth and congratulate them for their valuable work regarding the improvement of  practice of Hijama world wide.

Bilal Hijama Clinic


B-39, Block 9, Gulshan-e-Iqbal

Telephone: 0321-2529353 / 0213-4173629

Email: bilalhijama@gmail.com / info@bilalhijamaclinic.com
Website: http://www.bilalhijamaclinic.com/
Facebook page: www.facebook.com/bilalhijamaclinic


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Workshop on Arabic Medicine and Hijamah Cupping in Mumbai, India on 15th March, 2015

The following is an announcement by Dr Moin Bubere of the Islamic Institute of Duwa and Dawa, an organisation providing Hijama Training in India

This workshop mainly focus on the latest and exciting invention in Arabic medicine research and development, the main motto of the workshop to expand the hidden and forgotten benefit of Arabic medicine, specially HIJAMAH (WET CUPPING), AMALE KAI (CAUTERIZATION), FASAD (Venesection (phlebotomy)) and many more. So, please do not miss this workshop a life time opportunity to learn this traditional Arabic medicine with world famous Arabic Medicine expert Dr Moin Bubere. Dr. Moin Bubere Islamic Institute of DUA & DAWA, India

Abstract This workshop mainly focus on the latest and exciting invention in Arabic medicine research and development, the main motto of the workshop to expand the hidden and forgotten benefit of Arabic medicine, specially Hijamah (Wet Cupping), Amale Kai (Cauterization), Fasad (Venesection (phlebotomy)) and many more. More than 90 kinds of diseases or symptoms were selected and treated by Arabic Medicine & cupping therapy according to included studies.

The top 20 diseases/conditions in which Arabic Medicine & cupping is commonly employed were:

  1. Pain (300 studies)
  2. Herpes Zoster (91 studies)
  3. Cough & asthma (70 studies)
  4. Acne (92 studies) 
  5. Common cold (210 studies)
  6. Urticaria (81 studies)
  7. Lateral femoralneuritis (61 studies) 
  8. Cervical spondolysis (90 studies) 
  9. Lumbar sprain (19 studies) 
  10. Scapulohumeral periarthritis (17 studies) 
  11. Mastitis (14 studies) 
  12. Facial paralysis (13 studies) 
  13. Baldness (102) 
  14. Headache (13 studies) 
  15. Soft tissue injury (10 studies) 
  16. Arthritis (10 studies) 
  17. Neurodermatitis (10 studies) 
  18. Wound (8 studies) 
  19. Sciatica (7 studies) and 
  20. Myofascitis (6 studies).

Biography Moin Bubere has done BUMS in 1994, MD (Unani) in 1999 and PhD (Islamic Medicine) in 2004. He was awarded with best doctor of India, and many appreciations. He was the Founder of Al Ahad Clinic in 1995, Islamic Institute of Dawa & Dua in 1997, Cautry Skin Clinic in 2000, Al-Hijamah Cupping Cure Center in 2004, Herbs & Hijamah Online Clinic in 2006 and many followed the pipeline. 

He delivered talks in 27 national and 10 international seminar and conference speeches and attended many conferences around the world, presented 14 research papers. He also has publications to his contribution which includes Mano Salwa, Islamic way of life, Hijamah Cupping - The world’s best medicine and others. 

To register for the Conference and Workshop contact: Dr Moin Bubere 00919890007824 or email on drmoin@hotmail.com or Skype id drmoin.bubere 

Registration: Rs 5000 up till 5th of March, then Rs 6000 till 10th of March, on the spot registration is Rs 7000. It includes breakfast, lunch, Hijamah kits, DVD, certificate. 

Venue: Hotel K.N.PARK 
Kalyan-bhiwandi Road,
Maharashtra State Highway 76, 
Rajnoli Village
Bhiwandi, Maharashtra 421302



Islamic Institute of Duwa and Dawa


Email: drmoin@hotmail.com
Telephone: 00919890007824
web: https://www.facebook.com/iidd.drmoin 


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Certificate and Post Graduate Diploma Programmes in Al-Hjamah by Indian School of Hijama Therapy

The following is an announcement by Dr Sharique Zafar of the Holistic Health Care and Research Organisation in India. 

Indian School of Hijamah Therapy
مدرسة الهندية العلاج بالحجامة
Holistic Health Care and Research Organization, India

Assalamulaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu

The Holistic Health Care and Research Organization (HHCRO) has recently
established Indian School of Hijamah Therapy (ISHT) to impart education on Hijamah Therapy through online Certificate and Diploma Courses which are designed separately for Therapists and Doctors of traditional medical systems of the world. We welcome people from all parts of the world to enroll in our programs on hijamah therapy, which is the most effective therapy of the world.

These courses are suitable for part time distance learning with flexible teaching schedule and self-study syllabus in the comfort of your home. We can proudly claim that as compared with any such courses available on cupping therapy internationally; our courses are inclusive of maximum quality contents and hours of live practical training at our centres at Mumbai city, India.Courses of ISHT meet educational standards in line with guidelines for the practice of cupping therapy followed in different countries. These courses are inclusive of one year membership of HHCRO.

Certificate Course in Al-Hijamah (Cupping Therapy) for Therapists

Online for six months, in English, and syllabus includes full technical details on hijamah therapy and these therapists will be made efficient to practice hijamah under medical supervision. All lessons will be sent online.

It is mandatory for every student to attend organizations’ clinics for one week as per the allotted days for practical training mutually decided as per student’s availability. Final examination will be held at the end of the course with physical presence at our centres. Fee for the Certificate course is Rs. 30,000/- for Indian and $ 1500 for overseas students.
Post Graduate Diploma in Al-Hijamah (Cupping Therapy) for doctors

Online course in English is for AYUSH doctors of India having graduation in respective fields, or graduates of traditional systems of medicine from other countries possessing equal recognized qualifications. Syllabus includes full technical details of hijamah therapy and treatment of ailments by it. All lessons will be sent online.

It is mandatory for every student to attend organizations’ clinics for two weeks as per the allotted days for practical training mutually decided as per student’s availability. Final examination will be held at the end of the course with physical presence at our centres. Fee for the Diploma course is Rs.70,000/- for Indian and $ 3500 for overseas students.

Admission procedure:
Cost of prospectus is Rs 500/- for Indians and $ 25 for overseas individuals, to be paid to Dr. Sharique Zafar (Account No. 31127549413 State Bank of India, Vasai East branch code 12939, IFSC SBIN0012939). Anybody facing difficulty in transferring this way will be given alternate options.

After getting prospectus, fill in your application form and send it back to the given emails. Once your application is received you may be required to provide supplementary information that will be requested via email. Your application will be reviewed and if approved by the committee, you will be given instructions for admission and how to make your deposit of fees. For that purpose directions will be given to pay fees of the course accordingly.

All courses will be uploaded on our website (www.hhcro.org) soon. Before that, all interested individuals may contact to the President / Secretary of the HHCRO on email.

Prof. Dr. Sharique Zafar
MD. (Unani), Ph.D. (Ayurveda)
President, HHCRO


Our thanks to Dr Sharique Zafar of the Holistic Health Care and Research Organisation in India for sharing the above post. If you have any questions or comments, then please do so via a comment* below.

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Two forthcoming Cupping Therapy Workshops for health professionals by The British Cupping Society on 11-12 April, 2015

The following is an announcement by Dr Amir Sheikh  of the British Cupping Society:

We are pleased to announce the following forthcoming workshops:

1)     Beginner’s Workshop the ‘Cupping Therapy: An Introduction’ on Saturday 11th April 2015
2)     Advanced Workshop the ‘Cupping Therapy: Theory to Practice’ on Sunday 12th April 2015.

These workshops will be held at ‘Ilford Medical Centre, 61 Cleveland Road, Ilford, Essex IG1 1EE’.

Who Are the Workshop aimed at?

Both the Beginner’s and Advanced workshops are designed for health professionals with an interest in Cupping who are aiming to become registered practitioners with the British Cupping Society. The Advanced workshop is designed for candidates who have attended the Beginner’s Workshop previously.

Health professionals can encompass the following:
1.      Medical Doctors
2.      Surgeons
3.      Dentists
4.      Nurses with a background in Health Sciences
5.      Physiotherapists
6.      Pharmacists
7.      Physician’s Assistants


We are the first organization in the UK to offer workshops for medical cupping therapy. Our workshops are continually updated in line with current practice, latest guidelines and research. We believe our practitioners should be at the forefront of Cupping Therapy in the UK.

The British Cupping Society has gained recognition both nationally and internationally as an organization representing the practice of Cupping in the United Kingdom. Our aim is to preserve, protect, improve and promote the safe practice of Cupping for the benefit of society as a whole. The BCS provides leadership in the skills of Cupping by promoting an Evidence Based Approach to Cupping Therapy whilst upholding key traditional elements of the practice. In order to further these aims, we intend to implement our policies and plans to ensure the professional growth and success of Cupping.

The BCS is an autonomous body founded and managed by a team of qualified medical and health professionals who want to standardize and regulate the practice of cupping in the UK and worldwide to preserved this noble profession.

We welcome any participants who share our goals onto our team.

Why are only health professional accepted FOR workshops?

We accept that there is great enthusiasm amongst practitioners and the public to practice this therapy. However we must maintain professional standards in order to ensure patient safety and to ensure that British Cupping Society Practitioners deliver the best care. Our courses are based on the application of Medical Cupping Therapy and therefore our practitioners need to have a background in the health sciences and be skilled in diagnosis and patient communication.

We will therefore consider individual enquiries on merit, please email info@britishcuppingsociety.org for any specific queries.

Who will deliver the Workshop?

Fully qualified medical doctors and academics with an interest in Cupping and Alternative therapies will deliver the workshop. The BCS has a wealth of experience in all aspects of cupping including Research, Clinical Practice and Training. We hope to share our unique experiences with you. Having established in the UK as Cupping Therapy specialists, our practitioners have earned international recognition. You will have a chance to observe, ask questions and then practice yourselves under their supervision.

What if I’m not a health professional but want to practice cupping?

In 2014 we are will be arranging a programme for non-health professionals allowing them to practice as cupping therapy assistants. Further details will be available in the near future.

The Outline of the Beginners Workshop is as follows:

1.      Review of Anatomy and Physiology Related to Cupping (Pre-reading material)
2.      Introduction to Cupping Therapy
3.      History of Cupping therapy
4.      Traditional Approaches and Timings
5.      Current Theories and Mechanisms of Action of Cupping Therapy
6.      Current Scientific Evidence Related to Efficacy of Cupping Therapy
7.      Clinical Indications and Contraindications of Cupping Therapy
8.      Infection Control Guidelines Related to Wet Cupping
9.      Demonstration of Wet, Dry and Massage Cupping
10.  Practical Session on Wet, Dry and Massage cupping
11.  Health clearance for Practicing Cupping
12.  The Cupping Clerking Proforma & Record Keeping
13.  Clinical Room Requirements and Consent
14.  Indemnity to Practice

The Outline of the Advanced Workshop is as follows:

1.      Review of Beginner’s Workshop
2.      Review of Current Methods of Cupping Therapy Application including: Meridian Points and Traditional Points
3.      Importance of using a Standardized Approach
4.      Using an Evidenced Based Approach to Cupping
5.      Introducing the BCS algorithm for Selecting Cupping Points
6.      Introducing the BCS Systems Based Approach to Cupping
7.      Devising Management Plans for the Cupping Patient
8.      Current Best Evidence in Cupping
9.      Evidenced Based Points for Common Cupping Conditions
10.  Incorporating Research in Practice
11.  Problem Based Learning and Group Discussion of Clinical Cases
12.  Examination of the Practical Application of the Cupping Procedure
13.  Examination of Obtaining Valid Consent in Cupping
14.  Oral viva on Safe Approach in Managing a Cupping Patient
15.  Towards becoming a Registered BCS Practitioner

How will I learn?

The workshop is based on small group teaching to help you get the most out of the course. We believe in maximizing the interaction between the candidates and the tutor, there is ample opportunity for question and answers. We hope this will help you to personalize your experience. Methods of teaching include the following:

1.      Lectures
2.      Group discussion
3.      Case based Discussion
4.      Practical Session
5.      Examination

We have a limit on 10-12 participants per workshop to ensure that you achieve maximum benefit from the experience.

Do I need any previous experience in cupping?

Yes, you will need to have attended our Beginner’s Workshop to qualify for attending this workshop.

How do I apply?

Please complete the Application form below and then scan or email a copy to the following  address: info@britishcuppingsociety.org

Once you have registered and payment has been received, you will receive a pre-course material via email 2 weeks prior to the course. You will see the course has been split over a period of five days, the first four of which are self directed. The final day of the workshops will conclude with practical applications and assessments in Cupping Therapy.


Yes providing you meet the entry requirements.

HOw Much will the workshop cost?

The cost is £300 per candidate per workshop. There is a concession rate of £275 per workshop for applications received before the 10th of March, 2015 

What do I achieve after workshops?

Upon successful completion of the ‘Beginner’s Introductory Workshop’, participants will be invited to attend the ‘Advanced Cupping Therapy Workshop’.

Upon successful completion of the Advanced Workshop candidates will receive a certificate of competence providing you pass the exam at the end of the workshop. We can then enter you onto the pathway of becoming a registered BCS practitioner which requires a period of clinical work, case write-up and clinical supervision.

Additional benefits of attending the workshop 
  • Prestigious: Course prepared for Health Professionals by Medical Professionals 
  • Exclusive: Direct interaction with leading specialists with research based knowledge 
  • Practical: “Hands-on” experience 
  • Provision: All necessary materials, documents & cupping sets 
  • Refreshments & Lunch are provided 
  • Recognition: The BCS is involved nationally and internationally in the regulation and promotion of cupping therapy. Workshop completion opens up a pathway to becoming a BCS registered practitioner allowing inclusion onto our professional body and practitioners register.

  • Please complete the application form located at this link:http://www.britishcuppingsociety.org/workshops/.
  • Please attach a copy of your Beginner’s Workshop Certificate if you have previously attended a workshop and want to apply for the Advanced workshop.
  • Payment is via BACS transfer details are on the registration form.
  • Please state your name and date of workshop as reference.
  • Please note the deadline for application is Monday 30th March, 2015


British Cupping Society


email: ​info@britishcuppingsociety.org
web: www.britishcuppingsociety.org


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