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Best Days For Cupping (Hijama): Jumada Ath-Thaani 1433

Sunnah Days For Cupping (Hijama): Jumada Ath-Thaani 1433 / May 2012 - Information provided by Health Means Wealth
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BismiLah Arrahmaan Arraheem 

Assalumu alaikum wa rahmatuLah wa barakatuhu 

There are no Sunnah days for cupping (hijama) in this month of Jumada Ath-Thaani as the 17th, 19th and 21st of Jumada Ath-Thaani do not correspond with a Monday, Tuesday or Thursday. 

 The next best days for cupping (hijama) this month are the nearest Monday, Tuesday and Thursday to the 17th, 19th and 21st of Jumada Ath-Thaani which are as follows: 

 Tuesday 16th Jumada Ath-Thaani 1433 - 8th May 2012 
Thursday 18th Jumada Ath-Thaani 1433 - 10th May 2012 
Monday 22nd Jumada Ath-Thaani 1433 - 14th May 2012

Please kindly note that these dates are based on the new, lunar month according to the sighting of the new moon by the naked eye, as cupping (hijama) is a form of worship. These dates may sometimes vary from the calculated, lunar dates.

AlhamdIlah the Sunnah Days are also posted on our website every month:

Cupping (Hijama) In Its Time Is A Cure For Every Disease

Abu Hurairah (may Allaah be pleased with him) reported that the Messenger (Sallallaahu Álayhi Wasallam) said, "Whoever performs cupping (hijama) on the 17th, 19th or 21st day (of the Islamic, lunar month) then it is a cure for every disease." [Saheeh Sunan abi Dawud (3861)].

The Best Days For Cupping (Hijama)

Ibn Umar (may Allaah be pleased with him) reported that the Messenger (Sallallaahu Álayhi Wasallam) said, "Cupping (hijama) on an empty stomach* is best. It increases the intellect and improves the memory. It improves the memory of the one memorising. So whoever is going to be cupped then on a Thursday in the name of Allaah.  Keep away from being cupped on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Be cupped on a Monday or Tuesday. Do not be cupped on a Wednesday because it is the day that Ayoub was befallen with the trial. You will not find leprosy except (by being cupped) on Wednesday or Wednesday night." [Saheeh Sunan ibn Maajah (3488)].
* 'alaa ar-reeq in arabic means to fast until after being treated with cupping. Once the treatment of cupping has been completed, one may eat and drink. 
As for the Islamic day and night, the night enters before the day. So at sunset on Tuesday, Wednesday night comes in. Cupping (hijama) is best performed during the daytime between the athaan of fajr and the athaan of maghrib because yawm in arabic means daytime.  
The Sunnah days for cupping (hijama) every month are when the 17th or 19th or 21st of the lunar month coincide with a Monday, Tuesday or Thursday. These are the best and most beneficial days for cupping (hijama). If one is not able to be cupped on 17th, 19th or 21st (coinciding with Monday, Tuesday or Thursday) then any Monday, Tuesday or Thursday of the month.
Cupping (Hijama) For Women
Jaabir ibn Abdullah y reported Umm Salama (may Allah be pleased with her) asked permission from the Messenger r to be treated with cupping (hijama). So the Messenger r ordered Abu Teeba t to cup her. Jaabir ibn Abdullah y said, " I think he r said that Abu Teeba t is her brother through breastfeeding or a young boy who didn't reach puberty". [Saheeh Muslim (5708), abu Dawud (4102), Saheeh ibn Maajah (3480)].

Dry and massage cupping may be performed at any time.

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[Sunan ibn Maajah (209)].

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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Hijama in Malawi, Africa

The following is a guest blog-post in the form of a written interview with Ammar Abdul Wahid, a male cupping therapist in Limbe, Malawi in Africa.

- Please give us a short introduction about yourself, and in particular how you ended being a hijama therapist?

I am Ammar Abdul Wahid (BBA -Sp - University of Colombo) now working as a Financial Controller in Malawi. I visited Thailand in 2006 where I met Dr. Noordeen who is one of the best hijama therapists in the world. He did cupping for me first. At that time I enjoyed the benefit of it straight away.

I decided in future I should learn and do this cupping treatment for my wife. Then I went to South Africa in jamaat in 2008. In our jamaat we had one Doctor. He is Dr Nasar (Dentist) and he was very interested in cupping, he collected lots of things about cupping in these 4 months time. I was always with him and he taught me many things about cupping. And we met Dr. Saeed (Egyptian) in Durban, South Africa, who did cupping for us. During that time Dr. Nasar insisted that I should do cupping. On our return we stayed 1 month in Doha Qatar, where I bought my 1st cupping set and started to do cupping on my near relatives and friends.

- What particular illnesses/ conditions (if any), do you specialise / had the most experience in?

Most of the time people came to me to hijama for migraine and back pain.

- And do you find that in your experience, the conditions/illnesses that you have come across respond well to cupping (hijama) therapy? And if so, what are they?

Back pain and obesity

- Do you have any interesting case-studies that you can briefly share with us from your hijama treatments

Once a patient came to do hijama to reduce his obesity. I did cupping on to Kahil points and one in front 121. When he came that time he had a big belly, after one month he came and showed the belly that reduced very much also his weight had reduced more than 7.5kg (he had also started little exercises (running) during this time).

By hearing this another person came and did hijama last week, we will see the progress of that after a month's time.

Another experience one brother who having a problem in both his palms. It sometimes get ulcer (wound) and after one week it will go, again after some time he gets same problem, I did hijama both Kahil points and both shoulders, but it was not cured.

Two months later he came again with the same problem then I did hijama on both his hands near the wrist. Alhamdullilah after nearly 10 years of being sick, Allah has cured by hijama. Now his right palm is completely cured, but very little problem in his left.

One brother came for back pain treatment. I did cupping for both Kahil points and 8,10. he came after couple of months and told me that after cupping he never feel his back pain again.

 - Also what would you say about using cupping as a general preventative therapy and how often would you recommend this (once a month? once/twice a year?)

Every 6 months is recommended, and also depends on the condition of the patient. sometimes I did cupping for some particular cases for every 3 months like Ulcer.

- As a hijama therapist, how often do you get hijama done yourself, and what for (if any specific condition) and who do you go to to get it done (since it is not an easy therapy to self-administer)?

Every six months. also whenever the 17th of the lunar calendar coincides with a Tuesday as my Dr advised me to do cupping on that day' doing on this day is a cure for one whole year'. So this day I ask my friend to do cupping on my Kahil points (after explaining to him how to do the procedure).

- What is the overall prevalance of hijama therapy in Malawi and Southern Africa? Is it available in hospitals and clinics as a valid alternative / sunnah therapy?

No. not in Malawi. all Malawi I am the only one therapist. but in South Africa we can find many clinics dedicated to hijama only.

- Whereabouts is your clinic or practice located and what services do you offer?

It is only six months I am practicing hijama here. Currently I am doing this in my home. Insha allah in future I hope I can start a clinic here.

- Is there anything else you would like to add?

Yes, This organization should organize a conference or meeting of hijama therapists once a year in central African countries. because people are still unaware about this forgotten Sunnah. We can see many diseases in central African countries without proper treatment.

Ammar Abdul Wahid



Tel: +265 881 54 7777


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