Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Toxic Build-up In The Blood and The Human Body.

For the past 3-4 years, I have been searching the internet for local professional cupping therapists. However online information on the subject has been vague and sketchy at best, maybe proving again that this must be one of the most mysterious and mis-understood therapies in the world.

However couple of websites do seem to be featuring in my search results quite a lot in the last year or so: - which is a group of women who are trying to revive cupping therapy. They even go round different parts of the country demonstrating / teaching their therapy. If you subscribe to their FREE newsletter, they will email you regularly with event and venue details as well as new research on the subject. - Natural Health Natures Finest, based in Streatham, London, who amongst other natural therapies and products, provide and TEACH cupping therapy (or hijama)! What's more, they have actually managed to get Hijama Therapy recognised by the Complementary Medical Association.

In the meantime, I have been thinking a little deeper about what cupping as a therapy does for the human body and why that is actually beneficial for health.

My initial understanding was that cupping is like an 'oil change' for the human body as it removes dirty dark blood from the body (which the body presumably replaces with new blood), just like the old dirty engine-oil is removed from our cars every 6 months or 6000 miles and replaced with new oil.

However obviously the human body and its blood is obviously more complex than a car and its engine-oil. So I am now trying to find out what 'dirt' and waste can accumulate in the blood. Well for a start, it seems the following can accumulate in the human body over the years, among maybe some other 'bad-guys':

- Toxins
- Bacteria
- Pathogens
- Fungus
- Parasites
- Parasite Eggs
- Viruses
- Unwanted Growth Cells

Now I don't claim to know what all of these are (but more about that in future posts), but one thing I do know is, if my body for some reason not managing to eliminate all of these as it normally should, then I would want to find the fastest and most direct way to do this for my body, so it can help repair and maintain itself like the miracle that it is.

And that's where cupping comes in! If there's a faster way to do this, I have yet to hear of it (so please leave a comment if you know otherwise).