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Case Study : Hijama Therapy for the management of Chronic Kidney Disease

Case Study : Hijama Therapy for the management of Chronic Kidney Disease by Dr Nazri Nizar

The following is a hijama case study kindly contributed by Dr Nazri Nizar, a male cupping therapist from Colombo, Sri Lanka

Elderly (Chronic Kidney Disease) patient recovers after undergoing 9 months of Hijama/Herbal Therapy.

Patient: Female aged 64 years from the hill capital of Kandy - Sri Lanka
Serum  Creatinine: 11.8 at the beginning of the Hijama Therapy in August 2011.
Present Result: 6.04 (April 2012)

Al Hamdu Lillaah By the Grace and Blessing of Almighty Allaah this patient has successfully recovered after  undergoing Hijama/ Herbal therapy under my care.  Earlier the patient was advised by the specialist physician who was being consulted by the patient that she has to undergo a kidney transplant due to her kidneys were not able to clear the waste and liquid in the body as such the doctor advised to find a kidney donor to carry out a kidney transplant as the only option left. 

As a matter of fact, Hijama should not be performed on those who have been undergoing dialysis but can be treated with herbal medication, exercise, diet control etc.

Initially the patient was seen by me at her residence in Kandy Sri Lanka as the patient was not able to undertake the journey  to my clinic in Colombo.  After studying most of the laboratory test report where the Serum Creatinine was recorded as at 11.8 and based on this report the transplanting of the kidney was necessary so until a donor is found, the patient must undergo dialysis on a regular basis to clear all the waste and liquid from her body. 

As the patient was to start the dialysis, a family member contacted me and asked for my advise as I have treated another patient quite successfully so I put the trust in Allaah and agreed to provide the treatment.  First of all I stopped the patient from going for dialysis.  The patient was willing to undergo the Hijama/Herbal therapy and agreed to strictly abide by the instructions given by me, for I did not want this elderly patient to undergo a kidney transplant at 64  as complications and too much of drug use will aggravate her health, a burden for her children, family members, and a colossal expense of money.

A carefully drawn up Hijama therapy plan was worked out and applied in accordance with the plan.  The plan worked well.  After 4 successive Hijama Therapy sessions lasting 8 months, the patient was advised to take a serum creatinine test and Al Hamdu Lillah the result was 6.4 and the doctor was amazed at the result and told the patient that as the creatinine level has come down drastically there is no need for a kidney transplant but occasional dialysis may be needed.  But I insisted on the patient not to go for any dialysis as the herbal therapy and exercise has effectively improved the functioning of the kidneys.  

Although the result is satisfactory, the patient have to continue with the strict diet control, exercise and herbal medication.  The patient and her family members are happy at the result Al Hamdu Lillah Allaah is the Source of Mercy the Most Mercy Giving.  May Allaah Grant His Mercy to my good friend and mentor the Late Dr. Abdul Munem Bellah (Urologist at Shaikh Zayed Military Hospital in Abu Dhabi, UAE) from whom I learn a lot of things which became very useful at times of treatment. May Allaah Grant him Jannah Ameen.

Dr. Nazri Nizar
Colombo, Sri Lanka

Dr Nazri Nizar

Sri Lanka


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Hijama webinar by Hijama Nation and details of their Hijama course

The following is a guest blog-post featuring a webinar on hijama by Hijama Nation, who provide training in Hijama Therapy.

Special Promotion for Hijama Practitioner Certification Course starting on 2nd July, 2012
Course fee discount: 25% off if you register by Sunday, June 24th, 2012
Bonus Material: Introduction to Chinese Medicine
60 days money back guarantee

1) The course is six months long or you can do a flexible version
2) The course includes online text and practical training instructional videos
3) The course includes live practical training in U.K and different parts of the world (ask for your location)
4) Our course is approved by CMA (Complementary Medical Association)
5) Our students receive certification that allows them to practice Hijama in many parts of the world (Check the requirements of your local City).
6) Our Certification allows our students to become members of CMA (Complementery Medical Association)
7) Our students will be able to attain insurance for their practice with our certification.

The Prophet (PBUH) explained that Hijama is one of the best medicines: “The best medicine with which you treat yourselves is Hijama, or it is one of the best of your medicines,” or “The best treatment you can use is Hijama.” (Reference: Al Bukhari, 5371)
  • Do you want to be part of reviving a great sunnah and promoting health?
  • Do you want to learn about Sunnah, Islamic medicine and natural healing, history, holistic therapies?
  • Do you want a new, change of or alternative career in something rewarding, exciting, progressive and Islamic?
  • Do you want to help others and educate them about natural healing, while earning reward?
Seats are limited so click on the ”Apply Now” link below to receive the application and detailed course outline!

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This is a 6 month, intensive, online course with practical training. This course offers a well-rounded history of Islamic and Chinese natural healing methods. It also focuses upon the Lunar cycle and other issues that pertain to Hijama. Students will learn about;

1. Cupping Therapy: Definitions and types of general Cupping Therapy, rules and history of Hijama, equipment, how Hijama works and  benefits. Hadiths. Ibn-Sina (Avicenna) and other Muslim Medics.

2. Hijamaology: Introduction to Islamic Medicine, Ibn-Sina and Humoral Pathology (“Four Humors & Temperaments”), Ibn-Sina’s “Canons of Medicine”, “Quwwat e Muddabira” (or “Vital Force”), Four Humors and Temperaments, Introduction to pathology, medicine and surgery. Introduction to metaphysics, Ruqyah and energy work. Lunar cycle, moon phases, gravity, tides & oceans, and how they all affect Human behavior. Fasting and Hadiths. Hijama Theory, Sunnah points, Hijama point locations and treatments.

3. Physiology, Anatomy & Pathologies: Vital organs, glands and body systems, functions of blood.

4. Best Practices: Patient care and procedures, medical forms and clinic practices. Self care and protection. Health, hygiene and safety Practices. Business practices; fees, marketing, workshops and promotional techniques. Case studies Preparation. 

5. PRACTICAL TRAINING: Patient care and procedures. Self protection, basic, standard Ruqyah and metaphysics. Health and safety. Observations of methods and techniques of dry, massage and wet cupping application. How to use equipment safely and effectively. Practical training of Cupping applications and incision techniques. Case studies & practical exam.

Students will be tested with quizzes, multiple choice questions, essays and case studies at the end of each Unit. There will also be a final written and practical exam at the end of the course. Upon completion of all course requirements, students will be fully trained, qualified and prepared to Practice the healing art of Hijama Wet Cupping Therapy in the real world.

  •                                                   The Prophet (PBUH) also said: “If there is anything good in the medicines with which you treat yourselves, it is in the incision of the Hijama therapist, or a drink of honey or cauterisation with fire, but I do not like to be cauterised.” (Reference: Muslim, # 2205)


  • Muhammad (PBUH) said: “Hijama Cupping is the most helpful procedure for human beings to cure themselves.” (Reference: Al Bukhari, 5357).


  • “Hijama cupping on the back of the neck treats seventy-two illnesses” (Collected by At-Tabarani)

Who can do this course?
International: High School Diploma or equivalent. Students must be fluent in English reading, writing and comprehension.

What skills do you need?
    • Applicants must be motivated, committed, reliable and be able to deal with blood.
    • They must be compassionate and be able to deal with Patients with care and consideration.
    •  The student must be able to provide the highest standards of professionalism and healthcare to their patients.

Special Promotion
Course fee discount:   25% off if you register by June 24th, 2012
Installment Option:   3 monthly Payments of £243.33 GBP
Bonus Material:   Introduction to Chinese Medicine
Guarantee:   60 days money back guarantee
Course Start Date:    July 2nd, 2012
Regular price:    £975 

Discount Price:     £730
Discount deadline:    24th June, 2012

Seats are limited so click on “Apply Now” link below to request application and detailed outline for Practitioner Certification Course

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Contact information:
If you have any questions please contact us at


Hijama Nation


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Thursday, 7 June 2012


The following is an announcement by the Dr Adeeb Consultant Clinic in Karachi, Pakistan:




Hijama has been used for over 5,000 years throughout the world. It is now one of the most talked about therapies in the industry. Most importantly, people are seeing its amazing results for nearly every ailment. It is also a powerful natural preventative alternative. If you are already a practitioner, you are now in a position to learn how to do exclusive treatments and be ahead of your competitors.

Course Description

This course will be conducted based on a combination of Islamic teachings and the modern cupping tools. The course is an ideal foundation to introduce you to the development and practice of Al Hijama.The course is suitable for beginners as well as experts. It is carefully structured so each module builds on the previous one, allowing students to develop their confidence and skills, and reach their full potential to perform Al Hijama. It provides the basic level of knowledge designed for students interested to perform home cupping. Students will learn Al Hijama, a safe, simple, and effective therapy for prevention and treatment of some conditions and diseases.

Course Objectives

To learn basic knowledge (theory and practical) of Al Hijama mainly dry and wet based on a combination of Islamic teachings and the modern cupping

Course Modules

1.Definition of Hijama.
2 History of Hijama and ancient healing methods.
3.Hijama throughout the world, up to the present day.
4.Hijama in religious medicine
5.Benefits of Hijama.
7.Methods of Hijama.
8.Safety, procedures and precautions.
9.Understanding the anatomy of the body, including meridian points.
10.Understanding orthodox medicine.
11.Understanding health, disease and causes of ill-health.
12.Hijama, detoxification and the immune system.
13.Hijama and other alternative therapies.
14.Hijama and common ailments.
15.‘Wet’ practical.
16.How to diagnose, make case studies and treatment plans.
17.When and when not to treat, whom and whom not to treat.
18.Treatment techniques, health and safety.
19.Emergencies and first aid.
20.Patient practitioner development.
21.Code of ethics.
22.Management skills.




Mob: 0345-2084022

Dr Adeeb Consultant Clinic

13D-2 Gulshan-E-Iqbal
Opp Aga Khan Lab

Tel: 0345 - 2084022


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